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The Evil Of "Midnight Appointments" >> Nigeria News : 05/02/2018

I subscribe to the Christian Holy Book and one particular of the items it teaches, which I agree with entirely, is the strategic truth that nothing will ever be new on earth. What ever we do or see currently has been carried out or seen in previous civilizations. So at greatest what we can have is mere innovation of the similar old concerns. This expertise accounts for why I believe leaders in the Black World are terrific jokers. Check the whole of Black nations, one popular function you uncover in them is making basic things and processes pretty complex. Sound administrative and improvement culture that was quickly implanted elsewhere, has in our case become a mystified issue. It has gotten to a point the new generation has been made to believe that sound development culture lies only with the invisible. Practically nothing could be extra terrible than this!

I do not intend to go into the leadership question for the reason that I am one of those who believe that we have cried enough more than this and so considerably has been stated by pretty knowledgeable persons. In-spite of this, there is an angle that is however to obtain due emphasis and that has to do with the spot of history in national improvement. From what I see reading history books, most of our troubles would have been avoided if our nation has a policy and then a culture that makes it mandatory for all citizens to read history I mean national and planet history. We would have had individuals who can read trends and reasonably predict that we are about to embark on a discredited path. Let me draw a couple of examples and we preserve going. Visa lottery which individuals in backward nations which includes ours rush at is slave trade in modified form. Read history of America, Canada and of current China, on concerns touching on visa lottery and establish for your self the reason why created economies would go out of their way to make deliberate efforts to attract skilled labour from underdeveloped nations.

If you study history, you would laugh at the ugly improvement we contact migration into Europe and America. You would laugh at human folly mainly because history would show clearly that they do not just take place, that they are outcomes of human disingenuous schemes. Governments are normally scheming against nations striving to get undue positive aspects for the benefits of their individuals. Component of the instruments in these satanic schemes contain fratricidal wars. If Africa is full of wars all the time, now you can see the cause. Boko Haram is killing tens of individuals almost just about every day, what have they told us is their wish? Biological warfare is portion of it that is why when the nation thinks it is at peace, all of a sudden there is an outbreak of one new disease in a single obscure corner and like individuals who don’t know the good lessons of history, our reaction is normally predictable, one particular bid alarm by the man whose duty in the initially place was to ensure such points do not happen, it sets up a national hysteria and pronto we line up unbudgeted funds to import drugs currently manufactured in created nations as if they knew a day like this would come, undoubtedly not from inside but from foolish nations such as ours.

If we study history we would have recognized forehand the attitude of ex-generals in power beneath democracy. What we know would have regulated our conduct and reactions. An ex-military president in America without having any legal backing woke up and abolished the notion of Central Bank (National Bank), he stated he saw no require for such a structure. It took significant struggles by specialists and the individuals to reverse what they termed a wonderful anomaly. The point I am striving at is that if we know history we would be in a position to see issues ahead and uncover enduring solutions. The problem of pensioners is a time bomb and soonest it would explode on our faces. History shows that concern of retirement positive aspects was a big difficulty in Britain, Germany and America to take a few examples. The way items are going in our nation, it is becoming not just a challenge, but a safety threat. My advice would be that we go and uncover out what happened there and how they solved it. I am quite certain we are not doing the correct factor and the concentrate nowadays is not on this concern but on midnight appointments, yet another monster rearing its head.

The trend of midnight appointments is currently with us and it is beginning to cause really serious havoc without having out taking suitable cognizance of this development capable of stalling progress for decades. Midnight appointments, for those who do not know, is the concept of undertaking what they know they should really never ever do at the last hour or dying moments of their tenures it is not a new phenomenon it has occurred elsewhere and for this perform, I have two excellent examples from America and Philippines. In America in 1801 President John Adams, who the book stated hardly came to workplace became a workaholic on his last day in office, just a day prior to the inauguration of Thomas Jefferson as president. He signed all the things imaginable and unimaginable like appointment of judges in the most reckless manner. The judges appointed had been nicknamed "midnight judges" and Adam’s misdemeanor was such that he stayed away for the inauguration ceremonies. In Philippines, President Arroyo did same, forcing President Aquino to initiate a law which empowers an incoming president to abrogate such reckless behavior.

In our case we do not even comprehend the evil nature of such development let alone speaking about promulgation of new laws to checkmate the menace. During the recently concluded Anambra State governorship election we have been told former governor Peter Obi who handed more than to his crony, Willie Obiano, employed 6000 persons on the eve of his tenure into the civil service, this was in addition to huge donations to schools, churches and other organizations and signing postdated cheques on behalf of favoured contractors. In Edo State, Adams Oshiomole employed and capped it with enhance in salaries, all these at a time he couldn’t spend salaries of local government workers often on the frivolous excuse that they had been unique tier of administration. In Imo State, Ikedi Ohakim ahead of handing more than to Rochas Okorocha in 2011 employed 10,000 new workers into the civil service handful of weeks to vacating workplace. In Abia state, over 3000 have been employed to meet the homeboy patronage and that has become an albatross on its personal. This is not inclusive of loans and overdrafts. These days, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu is becoming pummeled left, appropriate and centre and the young man can't talk simply because of the strange nature of his circumstance. I guess he has opted to carry his cross but from the look of issues, I guess he would require a Joseph of Arimathea to seem without having beckon to help.

This phenomenon is pervasive and cuts across the 36 states or even all the tiers of administration all public officers, like the civil servants, initiate injurious actions at the twilight of their tenures. I recall that President Goodluck Jonathan was busy signing contracts and giving appointments, particularly into statutory boards of parastatals and agencies which includes such ridiculous acts as importation of stoves and lanterns. Some nations have laws to regulate such conduct. I am beginning to think we ought to go that way as well and that would be for the reason that our public officers have this negative attitude of telling us "after all no law says what I have carried out is wrong," otherwise we don’t will need law to cease such unwholesome operations. Every single human conduct as a public officer or even as an individual need to not be regulated against just before we know it is wrong. In locations exactly where actual human beings inhabit, higher rationalization, commonsense and decency are provided central putting. Would be nice if we commence to act reasonably.

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When A Lady Have Higher Return Values > Naija Breaking News : 05/02/2018

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